Attention for every detail.

The strength of tradition, along with a quality service, is more and more connected with made in Italy by customers. In Rubinetteria Bugnatese's daily work there is passion, will of innovating and growing, standing up to the temptation of taking shortcuts. Our company was founded in Bugnate di Gozzano (NO) by Cipriano Marietta in 1950. 

Wholesalers, showroom owners, and plumbers know that every tap and fitting designed by Marietta family, for the bathroom or for the kitchen, is created in the name of design and care of every detail, and is matched with the end customers' contemporary taste. 

Among the many evolutions that the company could have followed to be competitive and to deal with the market's changes, Rubinetteria Bugnatese has chosen the smartest one, in the spirit of innovation and design. Led by Marietta's heirs, first Gianfranco, then his sons Lorena and Gabriele, the company chose to accept a new fundamental challenge, and to compete on international markets. The result? Italian high quality has been brought all over the world.